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Course for teachers and parents

For years I have lectured for parents and teachers about safety of children using the Internet.
  • Secure Internet conference for parents held at the school Confalonieri Monza
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  • kids and internet, meeting with parents held at the oratory Marvelli, Christ the King parish in Monza
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Computer essentials 2

Computer essentials 2

Questo test mostra domande per esercitarsi all’esame ECDL, modulo 1 (computer essentials) nella versione con software libero (Ubuntu 12.04).

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For several years I have been in charge of a school project which aims to make children and students more responsible in using the Internet.

That was designed to try to solve the problem caused by the  increasingly early age at which kids start using the Internet, by means of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, mp3 players and video game consoles.

Those, unfortunately, make their activities less visible and observable by parents and adults, in general. I have also been able to verify that only a small percentage of the youngsters is introduced to surfing the Internet by parents. That’s why I consider absolutely necessary that their schools provide them with information and educate students to a more responsible and safer use of the Internet.

An expert’s intervention, such as a police officer’s, is useful but doesn’t give students the possibility  to tell their own experience. I also think it is important to plan the training on this matter at an early stage (e.g.the last year of primary school, that is 5th grade or, at least, at the first year of middle school, that is 6th grade), because children are becoming Internet users sooner and sooner.