By now, not only I have been designing and managing websites for many years, but I have also provided training on these themes.

For some years, I had cooperated with  Mr. A.Franceschi, a provider and a webmaster, in managing the portal of Monza and Brianza called Rete039, currently closed.

I designed and made the following school websites:

  • Istituto Comprensivo di Bernareggio, that in the last years has changed a lot, but it still maintains something of the original one, that I created almost ten years ago
  • Istituto Comprensivo Confalonieri of Monza, based on WordPress, according to the clues given by the community called Porte Aperte sul Web. Actually, even this is now managed by another webmaster and, it has changed from the original. Before the latter, I had created the previous website, using Joomla.

I have also drawn up several websites for the following business units:

Currently, I especially offer my skills to schools that want to create a by-law-website, without spending a fortune to pay professionals and companies. A sample website, that can be custom-made in content and lay-out, is now available.[:]