Communicate remotely
  • Google Translate: “mechanical” translations but sometimes it is useful
  • Ludwig: an “intelligent” translation system that gives you the possibility to choose between several possible translations
  • DeepL: the best automatic translator (multilingual)
  • Typely: not a translator, but a tool that helps you write in English
Italian Dictionaries
Open data
  • Europeana: is a European digital library that brings together contributions already digitized from various institutions of the 28 member countries of the European Union in 30 languages
  • Archive.org: The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that has the stated purpose of enabling “universal access to knowledge”.
  • Academia: Academia.edu is a website for researchers dedicated to sharing scientific publications
    Cia factbook: it is an annual publication of the CIA that reports the fundamental statistical data and a summary of information concerning all the countries of the world (in English)
  • Statista: statistics portal (in English)
  • Online thesis: catalog to search for theses already carried out and published
    Open data inception: worldwide open data databases