Copyright, things to know
  • Copyright: general copyright information from Wikipedia. Before using OER it is essential to understand what is meant by “open” and how to distinguish between free and non-free resources
  • Public domain: it means something that can be used without limits as any intellectual property right does not exist (anymore), for example the terms of copyright have expired. It is useful to know what this means because many literary, musical or artistic works used in school are now in the public domain
  • Creative Commons: type of license on intellectual works that allows their use under certain conditions (e.g. citation of the author), specified by the type of license. Many intellectual property is covered by these types of licenses.
  • GNU FDL (Free Documentation License): type of “copyleft” license used for educational material and software manuals
  • Guide of the University of Bologna for the didactic use of resources protected by copyright
Freely downloadable images
  • Pixabay: a “mine” of images and videos freely usable and searchable based on various criteria
  • Public Domain Archive: collection of public domain images searchable by categories and keywords
  • Pexels: another collection of freely usable images, searchable by keywords
  • Freeimages: collection of freely usable images, searchable by categories and keywords
  • Stokio: site with photos, vector images, icons and free font fonts
  • Photo for class: collection of free images suitable for educational use
  • Wikimedia Commons: repository of images and other multimedia material in the public domain or with free licenses
  • CanWeImage: image search engine in the Wikimedia Commons repository
  • Classiccat: collection of royalty-free music files (classical music)
  • Wikipedia Sound List: collection of music files (classical music)
  • Free Music Archive: collection of music files (not just classic) searchable by genre or keywords
  • MusOpen: collection of music files (classical music) searchable by author, by musician, by instrument, etc…
  • 1Classical: collection of music files (classical music) and links to web radios specializing in classical music
  • webradio which is also a social network, which has a section of freely downloadable music tracks
  • Soundgator: after free registration, it is possible to download mp3 files of sound effects, ambient noises, etc…
  • Youtube: the largest repository of movies, where you can find everything and more. Useful to subscribe to the many video channels, educational and not only, which offer video collections and even full movies in streaming (eg Movie On or Films & Clips)
  • Vimeo: another repository, with many videos useful for teaching
  • Rai Scuola: RAI educational videos, for some time now for teachers and after logging in, it is possible to organize real lessons with links to different videos
  • Correva l’anno: historical videos from the RAI portal
  • RAI Storia: another RAI thematic site with many historical videos and program broadcasts
  • RAI Bignomi: very short but not trivial video lessons on various topics proposed by characters of the show in a captivating way
  • Super Quark: you can review the episodes of Piero Angela’s scientific popularization program
  • Oilproject: a project born from the idea of ​​a teenager, who today is a mine of videolessons on various topics of all subjects
  • Public Domain Archive: in addition to images and audio, it also has a section for films
  • OvO: video encyclopedia with three-minute films on various topics
  • Vodkey: collection of links to films streamed by various broadcasters
  • Vvvvid: Online TV on demand that allows you to legally watch streaming movies. There are apps for mobile devices.
  • PopcornTV: another site similar to the previous ones that allows you to legally watch films and other broadcasts transmitted in streaming
  • section dedicated to Internet Archive films
  • Khan Academy: numerous well presented instructional videos, mostly in English (ideal for Clil)
  • Repetita Treccani: youtube channel with numerous educational videos
  • site widely used by students, with materials of varying quality
  • 29 e lode: site widely used by students, with materials of varying quality
  • #Istruzione: youtube channel with many educational videos, divided by school order
  • Ted Ed: youtube channel with many contributions that can often be used in teaching
  • SchoolTube: repository of educational videos in English (ideal for Clil)
  • TeachetTube: similar to the previous one
  • WhatchKnowLearn: repository of videos in English, searchable by subject and by age