Images, audio and video

  • Pizap: web application to edit photos, create collages, draw and more (tutorial)
  • Photovisi: simple application that allows you to create photo collages (tutorial)
  • Photobabble: application that allows you to create “talking” photos and presentations (tutorial)
  • Fotonea: allows you to create a collage of up to 10 photos (in the free version)
  • Thinglink: allows you to comment (tag) images and videos with texts, links, etc… (tutorial)
  • Twisted Wave: audio editor available for Mac and iOS or online. In the free online version you can record and edit audio files (mono and no longer than 5 minutes).
  • Audacity: open source software available for Linux, Mac and Windows. A online version is also available (tutorial)
  • Wave editor: Free sound editor available for Windows (tutorial)
  • Free audio editor: another simple free program to edit audio files, available for Mac and Windows (tutorial)
  • Windows Movie Maker: even though Microsoft has suspended the download of this software, the package can still be found on the internet Windows Essentials 2012 that it contains
  • WeVideo: online alternative that allows you to create movies starting from images and videos that can be linked through transitions and enriched with audio and text (tutorial)
  • Kizoa: online video editor also as a mobile app, feature-rich, but limited in the free version (youtube channel)
Screen recorders
  • Acclaim: application to record, edit, manage and assign videos for courses and lessons
  • Animoto: allows you to easily create impressive movies starting from templates and images (tutorial)
  • Screencastify: simple but effective screen recording Chrome extension (tutorial)
  • Capturecast: another Chrome extension to record the screen (tutorial)
  • Apowersoft: free web application to record screen (tutorial)
  • Screencast-o-matic: application that allows you to record the screen (tutorial)
  • Camstudio: free software to record the screen, unlike the previous ones, it is not a browser extension, but a software in its own right (tutorial)