Conceptual maps

  • CmapCloud: cloud version of CmapTools (here you can download the installable version), historical software for creating concept maps (tutorial)
  • Coggle: allows you to create unlimited public and only three private concept maps (tutorial)
  • Popplet: in the free version it allows you to create up to 10 maps, it is available for web browser and for iPad (tutorial)
  • creation of concept maps (up to 3 in the free version) and their sharing (tutorial)
  • MindMeister: paid web application in Italian that allows you to create conceptual maps that can be transformed into presentations.Also available as a plugin for Google Drive (tutorial)
  • Mindmomo: in the free version it allows you to create up to 3 maps (tutorial)
  • Mindmup: free application to create concept maps (tutorial)
  • Loopy: sort of virtual whiteboard that allows you to write and connect concepts in a schematic way, like in notes
  • Text2mindmap: tool that allows you to easily transform a text into mind maps, not really conceptual maps (tutorial)
  • Lidiatext: not only a conceptual map, but a complete tool for the management, analysis and synthesis of a text, which also allows you to easily create concept maps, create summaries, assign questions and assignments to students. Free version limited to 5 texts, the Pro one has a limited cost (tutorial)