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Computer essentials 2

Computer essentials 2

Questo test mostra domande per esercitarsi all’esame ECDL, modulo 1 (computer essentials) nella versione con software libero (Ubuntu 12.04).

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Training courses for teachers

I’m at disposal to project and realize training courses for teachers about the following subjects:

  • Teaching methodology by Smartboards , (for primary and middle school teachers)
  • Teaching “flipped classrooms”, with the use of mobile devices  and cloud based apps and workspaces (for primary and middle schools teachers)
  • Teaching Italian by digital devices (for primary and middle school teachers)
  • Writing documents and/or in the web properly: how to understandably draw up documents, to be stored in a digital format and published in the school website.

I’m available for training courses in preparation for ECDL, both for teachers and administrative staff.