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Responsible use of Internet

I’m available for:

  • organizing meetings for parents and teachers , on how to educate kids to a responsible use of the Internet
  • designing and carrying out training courses for teachers, on specific themes about a self-aware use of the internet, and also about how to use digital technologies for teaching. For example:
    • Digital Technologies: how to get to know them and protect oneself from viruses and malware
    • Digital communication, how to use the social media properly, from a linguistic point of view, safeguarding the user’s own digital identity
    • Teaching methodology in times of social media
    • tackling the challenge of cyberbullying
    • tackling the challenge of  sexting

Ready-made materials

Sample of a realised activity (correct use of internet)


Training courses for teachers

I’m at disposal to project and realize training courses for teachers about the following subjects:

  • Teaching methodology by Smartboards , (for primary and middle school teachers)
  • Teaching “flipped classrooms”, with the use of mobile devices  and cloud based apps and workspaces (for primary and middle schools teachers)
  • Teaching Italian by digital devices (for primary and middle school teachers)
  • Writing documents and/or in the web properly: how to understandably draw up documents, to be stored in a digital format and published in the school website.

I’m available for training courses in preparation for ECDL, both for teachers and administrative staff.



In the last 15 years I held many training courses for teachers about  different subjects, as you can read in my Curriculum Vitae.

I collaborated with different agencies and private association, such as:

  • Indire (Italian National Institute for Educational Research)
  • Various schools for teachers training courses
  • NonSoloLimLombardia (teachers association for training)
  • I’m registered in the official Lombardy Region trainer’s bulletin board.
  • the publishing house Cedam (De Agostini) to realise the digital section of the schoolbook Grammatica & Co.

I’m available for: