Responsible use

In order to reach the result I worked out the following path:

  • sixth grade: technology teacher makes a cognitive activity about malware, deepening not only technological but also behavioural aspects. The goal is to provide children the tools to to make safer the use of computers and other devices.
  • eighth grade: in the last class of the intermediate school, but even in the previous if necessary, the operation is on social networks, which kids use a lot, and their correct use. In particular I deepen three aspects:
    • privacy and digital identity theft. video
    • cyberbulling. May be useful some short films you can find on Sicuri in rete site, as well as seeing the movie Cyber bullies.
    • sexting. May be useful, besides what present in the above mentioned website, also some short films, in spanish, taken from youtube.

With a eighth grade class I realised a short film on cyberbulling:

I made a list of useful  websites for stidents education ti responsible use of the Internet.